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Manufacturer of Dental chairs and oil free compressor   

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Dental World is a Dental Chair manufacturing company with all Electric Dental Chairs

Hydraulic Dental Chair also called manual dental chair 

Oil Free Compressor

Motorised Suction

Phantom Head

Doctors Stool

Dental laboratory equipments


Our Electric Dental chairs are 

Cluster Dental Chair

3 program dental chair

Jumbo Dental Chair

this chair is available in 6 program over hanging and underhanging models we have upgraded this chair in over hanging system for durability  

Punto Dental Chair

this chair is a single program chair with a complete system for all dentist

Posch Dental Chair

although punto dental chair is same as this chair but this chair is having its own place in dental clinic

Wahi Dental Chair 


this is our basic electric dental chair model for our new dentist

Cluster Advanced Dental Chair

this is the 3 program dental chair and because of its popularity we have a upgrade for latest ie cluster advance dental chair


Dental Chairs are available in Ceramic and Glass spitoon

we also have Hydraulic Dental Chair and semi electric dental chair in these models 

Hazel Dental Chair

or hazel samy electric dental chair

Charisma Dental Chair

or charisma semi electric dental chair

Ninja Dental Chair

or ninja semi electric dental chair

Nano Dental Chair

or nano semi electric dental chair


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