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Dental Ultrasonic scaller
 are used to remove calculus rapidly from the tooth surface. Thescaling tip vibrates in the ultrasonic range of 20-45 kHz (i.e. 20,000 to 45,000 times per second), with an optimum frequency between 18 kHz and 32kHz.
Dental light cure unit
dental curing light is a piece of dental equipment that is used for polymerization of light cure resin based composites.[1] It can be used on several different dental materials that are curable by light. The light used falls under the visible blue light spectrum. This light is delivered over a range of wavelengths and varies for each type of device. ‚Äč
Dental suction machines
Manufacturer and supplier of suction unitssuction unit, ... suction apparatus, mobile suction units and portable suction unit
Dental electrocautry unit
Electrosurgery is the application of a high-frequency (radio frequency) alternating polarity, ...Electrocautery uses heat conduction from a probe heated to a glowing temperature by a ... RF Electrosurgery is performed using a RF electrosurgical generator (also referred to as an electrosurgical unit or ESU) and a handpiece 
Dental endo motors
Endomotor With Apex Locator is an endomotor with a built-in apex locator, which saves space as well as time while performing root canal therapy..
Dental materials and surgicals
Dental instruments are tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. They include tools to examine, manipulate, treat, restore and remove teeth and surroundingoral structures.


air rotor trolley
air rotor trolley has air rotor point and three way syringe
six led light
light is led with six led and a sensor to operate the on off
portable dental chair
dental chair for camps which can be folded
motorised suction
auto flush auto drain motorised suction from Dental World
oil free compressor
compressor head is 750 watts , 1 hp and it oil free , with large tank
implant surgical motor with irrigation system from api , brand elite