Dental World          

       Manufacturer of Dental chair                            and oil free compressor                     

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                        Dental World Chairs

Dental World is a Dental Chair manufacturing company with all Electric Dental Chairs

Hydraulic Dental Chair also called manual dental chair 

Oil Free Compressor

Motorised Suction

Phantom Head

Doctors Stool

Dental laboratory equipments


Our Electric Dental chairs are 

Cluster Dental Chair

Jumbo Dental Chair

Punto Dental Chair

Posch Dental Chair

Cluster Advanced Dental Chair

Dental Chairs are available in Ceramic and Glass spitoon

we also have Hydraulic Dental Chair

Hazel Dental Chair

Charisma Dental Chair

Ninja Dental Chair

Nano Dental Chair




SHOWROOM AND FACTORY of dental world

you can visit the links and check our showroom and factory in visit the premices online .

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